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So as I'm sitting wondering should I write this will I even press post on it?  Well if your reading this then I went for it.  7 years I've thought about writing this and at times felt maybe if I put pen to paper it may help.   So here goes

Abortion - no I haven't had one but was offered one by Galway University Hospital.  Firstly I'm going to say where I am personally on abortion; my body my choice your body your choice it's me and every other women that has to listen to their inner voice and be content with their own choice, the one that is best for them in their given situation.  And until you've walked a mile in my shoes or another's don't judge nor give your "advice, views or comments."
I also felt that I needed to tell my story because I've being shouted at and ran after by pro life campaigners and I feel their nativity to what is already going on in our hospitals need to be highlighted.
So as I mentioned seven years ago this was my stor…

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