Thursday, 26 February 2015

Freedom - in the big city


I've been through a lot over the past few years and nothing stands out more for me than my ongoing battle with Postnatal Depression.  It's taken me four years but I finally got up to Dublin by myself to get my nails done, wonder round the shops; buggy free/child free, gossip with my friend, drink coffee, eat take away enjoy a glass or two of wine and just switch of from been Mammy for 24 hours.
   I got the 7.05 train to make the most of the day, and I slept most of the way up until the empty seats where taken by a family with one child, and no joking I had already switched to non mammy mode and was like seriously why does the child have to sit near me.  But in fairness he was a sweet heart as for his Daddy, I wanted to go all 50 Shades of Gray on him and not in a good way! He kept trying to teach the little fella his A, B, C's painful the child had no interest but "daddy" was determined.
  Once I arrived in the city my wonderful friend Lesley picked me up, brought me back to hers for brunch then we headed for the city center and we went on the bus, oh my it had been a long time and i didn't have my bus legs on, just as well I hadn't had wine wit brunch.  We walked the shops, got our nails painted, seen lots of changing rooms, drank coffee had not so yummie cupcakes and just wondered blissfully through the madness that is Henry street.  I got concerned at one point that I had lost all control of my life as the shops weren't closing, who new they stay open till 8 o'clock !  No recession in Dublin.
  It was then time to head back to my friends house for much needed dominos pizza, wine and cocktail.  And guesss what we did Sunday headed to Dundrum LoveIT!!

The lessons I learned from my trip are that it's so important to do things for yourself, after having my second baba I lost total sight of myself and i'd be guilt ridden just leaving the house to go get milk.  When the PND really took hold I wasn't able to leave my home not even for milk.  It took me a long time to get to Dublin but i got their and i'll be back soon.  I have few friends and seemed to have lost or some have drifted over the past few years but my mate Lesley is a star, good friends are few but mean alot, she made my trip so relaxing, good friends are precious.  Dublin shops stay open very late and I need to practice walking on moving buses.  I came home tired but it was a different tired it was a refreshed and a walking around the shops kinda tired i liked that tired it's good to do new old things. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

"Pinterest Mammy" - I Try !

Pinterest Mammy - I Try ! 

You just got to love the Pinterest Mammy thing I've had my epic fails and I've had some pat on the back moments.  It definitely  has some brilliant ideas and it gets my creative juices buzzing.  The last two nights I've been busy making this . . .

It's  my version of something I seen on Pinterest and I'm going to use it for a party then I may hang it in  my kitchen.  It was fun to make and not to complicated.
  1. Print out cup and teapot cut outs
  2. Trace cut outs on to decorative papers and cut around, then use blade to cut out handles
  3. Cut out circle from cardboard 
  4. Stick on cups and teapot in random form
  5. Cover caps with lace
  6. Trace outline of cups and teapots with different colours 
  7. Tie on ribbons and lace and add brooch detail 
  8. Add lace hang detail to back with stapler 

Tada ! Pinterest Mammy :p

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Reflux - My journey with Mini miss & My Top Ten Tips

Reflux - My journey with Mini miss 

& My Top 10 Tips

This time two years ago i was expecting my second baba but little did I know I was expecting my first refluxer.  I knew very little about reflux just the little I may have come across in the babies i looked after through work.  When I had Mini miss she breast feed to begin with but I had the same problem I had with my first, every evening i'd have ran out of milk, i just wouldn't produce enough, anyway that's a whole other blog entry.  Mini miss would puke after every feed,  I didn't think much of it sure "aren't they getting the goodness"!!! So i decided to combine feed bottle and boobie and after nearly three weeks I changed over to bottle, my boobs and my mental state couldn't take any more breastfeeding.
 Mini miss continued to throw up on every feed and as the feeds got bigger the more that came up, she got the hic-ups and there was an unusual smell of her breath.  There was days where I would go through twenty odd bibs and the floor would have puke all over it as once you lifted Mini miss she'd puke, I just knew this wasn't right.  I had mentioned my concerns numerous time to the public health nurse who just brushed me off with the usually sure she's fine she is gaining wait, shes bring up her wind, shes wetting and poohing and if the feed is going in shes getting some goodness out of it.

I went top my GP who said to try galvicon with her comfort formula this worked for about two weeks and at this stage Mini miss was starting to this funny thing with her eyes and head after feeds.  I went back to the GP and I now had been on the internet as i had my suspicions of reflux. I had also been joined by a friend to the most amazing supportive group Facebook support group and i'd seeked out their advice.  Armed with a list and a video of Mini miss after her feeds i went to the GP and as i explained yet again my concerns he said yes it does sound like silent reflux and then he looked down her throat and said oh her throat is all raw and burned from the acid.  I was mad, I had been saying there was something wrong I had mentioned reflux before this visit and to the public health nurses also but no one was listening but it was time to put that aside and get on with things.  We left the surgery with zantac which again worked for a few weeks and on return to the GP it was another change of formula this time to enfamil ar which was what seemed to really work for us.
One of the horrible things that Mini miss had to deal with was things called Sandifers attacks the best way of describing them is they look like she is having a seizure but thankfully developmentally and cognitively there is no damage when they are having one of these attacks, it is the bodies way of dealing with extreme pain, ie the acid burning.  Mini miss would have these attacks regularly and has had one as recently as three months ago, she also aspirated a few times which was scary.

Reflux is a horrible thing we could have gone further with things and found out what grade of reflux Mini miss had but we decided not to, but we've done the gp runs, the ambulance trip, the over night in hospital, the meds, the formula change, the constant up all night the list goes on.    Having the amazing support of the facebook page got me through things. Mini miss still has bad days and she is nearly two, so no they don't grow out of it when they start solids!  My story is minor to some of the battles that I've come across on the support page but been their for one another is whats important because when your in the throws of it each situation is difficult.

My tips
  1. Follow your instincts
  2. Ignore the myths
  3. Buy the Reflux Bible the reflux bible book
  4. Take videos
  5. Keep going back to you GP and Public health nurse
  6. Join the Fcaebook support group Facebook support group
  7. Don't be afraid to ask questions
  8. Mammy does know best
  9. If it works for you and baby then do it
  10. Remember there is help out there
This book is a must have written by a talented lady, you can pick it up in easons, through her face book page the reflux bible book  or online The Reflux Bible website

note: This is my story and i am not a doctor and am not here to give medical advice. 

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

No, I dont have two beautiful Girls!

No, I don’t have two beautiful Girls!

Why is it so important to people that my beautiful, intelligent, funny, talkative four year boy fit into the norm, of the short back and sides.  There isn’t a week that goes by that my son doesn’t get called a girl.  It just cannot be a case of mistaken identity as while he may have amazing long red hair he still dresses like a “boy”.  Dark runners or blue wellies, a monster coat, jeans and his t-shirts are usual some sort of super hero or prehistoric animal. 

When I correct the person and say “no he’s a boy”, the things that have being said to me just get better every time; ‘oh you usually only see girls with red hair, oh really, it’s the hair, sure it so hard to tell these days’. Just typing those few is boiling my blood, it shouldn’t matter so much that I don’t cut my sons hair.  It gives him character it looks brilliant on him and while his hair doesn’t make him it just adds to his character.
We live in a world were different is still frowned upon, no strike that it’s the country we live in, Ireland is still full of the crowd followers the hush hushes what will the neighbours say?  So my boy has long hair until he tells me he wants to cut it, it stays.  We had the conversation last week, but he told me he likes his hair and that John (his uncle) has long hair, so he not cutting his hair.  Why did the topic of cutting his hair come up someone had said it to him about having long hair, he’s four butt out world let kids be kids express themselves, long, short, red, blue, yellow hair does it matter, no!  As long as the child is happy, fed, watered and loved.
I don’t have two beautiful girls, I have one beautiful boy and one beautiful girl.

Just as I sat down to type this I came across this video Little girl cuts long gorgeous hair, why? it brought tears to my eyes, it made me thankful for my children, and the little girl in the video is so special.  There is a message in this to all those who look for the norm and judge me and my child.  Hair is hair but to some it is life or death and can mean a lot, be thankful for what you have get on with life and keep your comments to yourself.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Frozen Style, You Got to Have - baby/toddler

Frozen Style, You Got to Have, baby/toddler

My little girl is all about the "let it go" and "building a snowman", frozen mad yes and she is a mix of total tom boy and girlie girl.  For Halloween I just had to find a frozen dress to fit a one year old, my search began, I took a full day searching the net and I finally came across Superbubby . Some may say the parents are worse than the kids and in this instance your absolutely right, sure when I seen all the fabulous dresses my fingers where itching to get to my purse to buy all the costumes.
  Hubby soon rained me in when I casually said "look at these aren't they pretty . . ." hubby's fingers clinched around the purse strings saying "oh come on she's only one does she really need them???"

And just look at my Little Miss in her amazing frozen costumes, guess who got a hold of the purse!  First time round I bought the Snow White and Elsa Frozen costumes.  I bought both in size 18-24 mouths which come in the style of dress on baby grow, so baby can wear their nappy underneath and it closes with poppers underneath and there is poppers at the neck for ease of getting it on and off.  The Anna Frozen costume was a Christmas present and when herself seen it on Christmas day she wouldn't put on her red Christmas dress it was Anna dress or as she calls it her "let it go" that she wore all day.

The detail on costumes are fab and so true to the frozen franchise.  The Anna dress is a size 2-3 that is why its full length but the organza part is cut up that little bit shorter which I thought was genius as this is always a part that gets ripped.  The quality of the costumes are perfect but you must follow the care instructions and from personal experience I would hand-wash and stay away from the washing machine, although they say you can machine wash them on a wool cycle at 30'.
  I followed the care instructions while washing the Elsa Frozen dress but some how it went horribly wrong I contacted SuperBubby and their customer service was amazing.  I explained what happened the dress, send them pictures and within two days I had a reply and a promise of a new dress free of charge and when I ordered the Anna Frozen dress they wavered the p&p.  
  SuperBubby where professional and a pleasure to deal with.  The costumes are priced in pounds as they come from the UK but overall they don't cost anymore than any other costume would cost.  They range in price, (£10.99 up) according to the size and style that you choose but they are well worth it and these prices are well within the range of children costume prices. Believe me I should know I've a box load of dress up.  The purse would be a lot heavier if I could cash in the dress up box,  but the fun both my kids have with the costumes is golden.
  We do like the Snow White costume also but it doenst get much of a look in, hence no pic. The frozen costumes get hidden so my Little Miss will get dressed, there has been days where she has pulled the dresses out of the laudry basket to put them on.

Little Miss has learned well she is off to SuperBubby to do some more shopping and I can hear hubby tryin to hide the purse . . .