"Pinterest Mammy" - I Try !

Pinterest Mammy - I Try ! 

You just got to love the Pinterest Mammy thing I've had my epic fails and I've had some pat on the back moments.  It definitely  has some brilliant ideas and it gets my creative juices buzzing.  The last two nights I've been busy making this . . .

It's  my version of something I seen on Pinterest and I'm going to use it for a party then I may hang it in  my kitchen.  It was fun to make and not to complicated.
  1. Print out cup and teapot cut outs
  2. Trace cut outs on to decorative papers and cut around, then use blade to cut out handles
  3. Cut out circle from cardboard 
  4. Stick on cups and teapot in random form
  5. Cover caps with lace
  6. Trace outline of cups and teapots with different colours 
  7. Tie on ribbons and lace and add brooch detail 
  8. Add lace hang detail to back with stapler 

Tada ! Pinterest Mammy :p


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