Oh the Shame!!

Oh the Shame!!What's in My Bag/Handbag

Ok so here goes I'm doing a" whats in my bag post". . .

whats in your bag

My bag/handbag; Yes all goes into one, I love my bag my brill little bro ("little"- nealry 30), bought me this bag in Dubai, he's got good taste and knows me so well.  Everything fits into this bag wait till you see all that I get into it.  I do-give Ryanair a run for their money when it comes to packing.

contents of the mammy bag

The contents; Yup! all this was in that bag but I'm so shamed I've seen some amazing "what's in my bag" post and Oh Goodness just look, Mini miss food gets put in a plastic freezer bag, nappies and wipes neatly tidied in corner of bag, no pretty pouch to hold them?  The crayons are in a nice Frozen case and I've the nice princess tissues from Penny's.  I recently felt it was time to treat myself to a new purse, how cute is the purse? It's from the Mantaray Range in Debenhams and as an added bonus I got 20% of it. The dummy is on a chain but I'm still on the search for a dummy chain my Mini miss wouldn't break or lose.  A must have in my bag is the eczema spray which I have a blog coming about very soon it's an amazing range.  My diary and pen I wouldn't know what to do for the I'd end up sitting in the car rocking going "where to go where to go".  

*  Right so I'm setting myself a challenge 'tidy up the Mammy bag'.  
Have you got a must have in your bag please tell me about it or a product that helps organise things please share . . .
I'll keep you updated :)


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