Saving for a Rainy Day

Money, Money, Money

Saving for a Rainy Day

money pots, pringle, coke cola

This is all my saving pots, well ok a pringles box, coke bottle and money pot my littte bro, ("little" neaely 30) bought me.  If I manage to fill them all I'll have a grand total of €3078, New York here I come.

Saving isn't easy for anyone but not matter how little you put out away it all adds up.  The coke cola bottle holds 0.20c the handbag jar holds €2 coins and the pringles jar you save the amount as per the week of the year.  For example week starting 6th April is week fifteen so you'd save €15.  If you aren't sure what week it is just look in a dairy and it's usually says it at the top, like in below picture.

Mammy Red Heads Tips
  • Save no matter the amount
  • If you miss a week start again the following week
  • Get a nice fancy pot, (but don't spend loads)
  • Get a coke bottle with your name on it, simple 
  • Try taking out an amount and only spend that for the week, don't use your cards
  • Empty your pockets of change every day
  • Get the kids involved
  • Save to a goal


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