Saturday, 30 May 2015

Amber SOS

Its funny before I sat down to write this product review I wasn't fully sure what Amber was. All I was sure of, was that it helped Mini miss with her teething and I myself wear it for my back pain.  OK so you may think that's a bit irresponsible to put a product on my child that I knew very little about, but id heard so many rave about it and Mini miss was having such a rough road (check out Mini miss reflux journey) I was willing to try anything that may help her.  I've never looked back and the day her first necklace broke I rushed out to buy another one, I just wasn't taking the chance that she would suffer from not wearing it.  I recall two nights where we just couldn't find Mini miss's necklace when we'd taken it off for her bath, she went without the Amber necklace for two days.  I was truly astonished it was clear that once I put the necklace back on, when we found it mixed in with the lego, (sure where else would it be) that her teething pains subsided and she was generally happier.
Mini miss has never fussed over her necklace, she's never pulled at it, chewed it, got caught in it or really ever took any heed of it.  Initially I started with the bracelet on her ankle when she was very small but I felt she needed more Amber, and once she started to wear the necklace this was when I noticed the reduction in teething pain.  Mini miss would have big red checks but she would be quiet content in herself, I would rarely have to give calpol, (on/ two nights max) only at that stage where the tooth was really cutting through the gum, I do really feel this was down to her Amber SOS necklace.

So what is Amber?  As they in the ads here comes the science bit . . . 

Amber is the fossilized resin of trees.  40 million years ago, this resin was exuded by trees to heal damage to a branch or trunk.  The resin remained intact to become a fossil and still retains its healing properties.  
Baltic Amber is the only type of amber you should use for healing.  It contains a higher percentage (8%) of succinite, its healing element, than amber from any other area and Baltic Amber  is amber from areas around the Baltic Sea in Europe. 
The amber is worn against the skin.  The warmth of the skin against the amber will allow the body to absorb the healing element in amber - succinite.  Best results will be had if it is worn 24/7.    
Amber can reduce inflammation, clear red cheeks, ease pain, stimulate the thyroid to reduce drooling (so skin and nappy conditions can clear up).  Irritability can be reduced and a better nights sleeps can be had.  You will notice a calmer, happier disposition.     

There has definitely been an element of the safety issue regarding babies wearing the Amber products and in recent times, regulations have changed.  I can whole heartily say I have no problem with Mini miss wearing hers all the time, but it is my choice as a Mam to make for my child I will direct you to the Safety Page on Amber SOS and you can have a read.  Below is a picture of the pop clasp that the products are fitted with.   It is importat to mention here that Amber SOS adhere to all EU and International Standards.
It is so important to buy genuine Amber products I can't recommend Ailish and her family more highly.  Ailish is so friendly, kind and so easy to deal with, herself, her husband and her two girls have being working on Amber SOS since 2010 and it is now a flourishing family run online business. They know their product inside out and strive to meet the individual needs of their customers,  pop over now to     and check out the extensive product line for children and adults and you can read all the wonderful things Amber can do for you, a family member, a friend or even your pet.

Contact info for Ailish 

Phone:  094-9257115/087-7459801


Rainy Day Fun

Here's a few fun few question that a friends of mine posted on her page, you ask your child the questions but must not prompt them.
Below is the answers my Little Red Head gave, some are very interesting . . .

Thursday, 21 May 2015

my bio energy journey

The study of our life-energy system & the energy field (aura) that surrounds us is at the cutting edge of modern scientific research, yet Eastern healers have studied this system for thousands of years & have mapped out its structure in great detail.When life-energy flows freely, we experience good health; when it's blocked we experience discomfort and illness.In Bio-Energy therapy we scan the body's energy field, locating blockages and imbalances.Using flowing hand movements, we gently move the energy and release blockages. As we clear stale energy, fresh new energy pours in, vibrating through to the very core of our being and unlocking the healing ability lying dormant within every cell of the body.

Week 1 
 I entered into Bio Energy totally blind. I had mentioned it to a few people and if they said they knew about it I simply changed the subject not out of ignorance but I wanted to go into the experience with no preconceived ideas.  I was given the opportunity of being a guinea pig for Lady L through my cousin contacting me saying Lady L was looking for a migraine suffer to carry out the Bio Energy on and would I be interested.  The sessions were free and would take place in Ballina, sure why would I say no it wasn't causing me any harm.
  The session began with the usual meet and greet and run through of what's what and a little about Bio Energy.  Lady L explained to me that while she was going through the process I may get nauseous, dizzy, feel faint and I kind of went in my head ok right whatever that wouldn't happen me.  Lady L also said that what she will be doing may look strange and if I felt I needed to laugh it was fine.  
  So I began the session by standing up and Lady L began wavy and swinging arms and fingers around me, I just stood there and relaxed and went with it, whatever "it" was.  About fifteen minutes into the session I all of sudden started to feel extremely lightheaded and I opened my eyes I thought I was going to get sick I felt so nauseous.  I mentioned to Lady L I wasn't feeling great and she sat me down she asked me where she was when I started to feel bad I wasn't sure as I had my eyes closed but as I was talking to her my throat started to get really painful and the pain I had all through my teens and into my early twenties was there, it was nasty the big lump just there sore, painful. Lady L said that she had been at my neck at the back so she continued doing her wavy hands thing, (bio energy), and it was amazing the pain i felt in my throat went as she worked on me.
  The session finished and I was told to eat light, drink water and that I may feel tired.  That night I had to go bed at 9.30pm I was so tired and I felt awful my stomach felt so nauseous and I felt how I felt when I was pregnant uhhhhh!!!  For the rest of the week I felt I was able to deal with life in general so much better, I felt I was getting back to me from three, four years ago.  During the time I'm doing this Bio Energy I'm still on my medication, (lexapro -post natal depression and a pile of meds for migraines) I've been searching to feel like myself for a long time and who knows maybe it is something as simple as my energy is all messed up and blocked and needs to be balanced.
Week 2
I headed into my session feeling good and looking forward to what was ahead,  myself and Lady L had a quick run through of how my week had gone I mentioned how my throat would get sore every time I spoke to people about my bio energy experience and how I was feeling much better about myself.
  Lady L started the session, again I began standing and I closed my eyes and relaxed I felt alot going on around my torso and at one stage I felt like a weight was being lifted from my tummy/womb area and my head and heart where saying 'its OK you can let go'.  I truly feel this was my body and mind finally dealing with the miscarriage I suffered back in 2009.  The rest of the session overall felt like a letting go journey, an "it's OK" kind of thing.  I also got stabbing pains in my head which were connected to my migraines,
  This week after the session I didn't head home. I went took a wander round Penny's then went and did IGG work at a friend’s house and while I was tired I felt buzzed also.  On the following Saturday for the first time in over two years I walked into town alone.  This is something I just haven't been able to do due to my Post Natal Depression.  The thoughts of walking alone from my house to town, which is only a twenty minute walk panicked me and leaving Little red head and Mini miss I just couldn't, but that Saturday I headed into town and got my nails done it was an amazing feeling.
Week 3
Feeling really good I was looking forward to my final session until the following month Myself and Lady L spoke about my weeks experience and then we got started.
  This session felt like a fine tune of things I really relaxed into it and felt that things or my energy was balanced.   Lady L danced around me like an agile ballerina waving her arms flicking her fingers and balancing and removing blockages but it was by far the nicest session.  Towards the end Lady L done the migraine Bio Energy session/re-balancing on me, this can only be done once ever on a person.  As Lady L began she put her hands, well more her fingers on my head, this is one of the only times therapist to patient contact is made during Bio Energy.  Lady L done her thing and for me it felt quite unusual I felt shifts in my head and I could only hope that this and the previous weeks work would help my truly debilitating migraines.
  As I mentioned at the beginning of the post I started on my Bio Energy journey due to Lady L needing a migraine suffer, I've suffered migraines since my teens and they've progressively worsened as the years have gone on.  The attacks now last three days and I would get up to five in a month,  once my husband is home to mind Little Red Head and Mini miss I have to head to bed.  I'm under a neurologist in Galway and have being prescribed epilepsy medication and an antihistamine that I take daily and a drug called Relpax that I take when I get a migraine attack.  
  One of my triggers is my hormones so without fail the day before the beginning of my period I will get a migraine. This has always being the case since the ripe old age of thirteen.  But since starting my bio energy I haven't had a migraine before my period, this is so amazing I'm so happy.  

Week 4 - A month later
Feeling like the me from years ago I head back to my final Bio Energy session I feel good and looking forward to catching up with things with Lady L.  We go through things and get started, as usual I begin standing I find that I'm swaying, but not in a bad way usually when I stand on the spot I tend to lean to the right to kind of balance myself.  Today though I feel cantered and grounded the swaying is just because I'm not used to this for so many years. I am all over the place in so many ways.  I feel it's important to mention here this is all my words not what Lady L said to me she would simply do the therapy on me and take notes of what I felt she never prompted me in any way, this is genuinely how I felt.
  While Lady L danced around me I opened my eyes and watched. If anything I would say try Bio Energy just for the pure relaxation end of things.  If you were to take me out of the centre and just watch Lady L do her movements it's like watching a dancer, the movements are so graceful and soothing.
  The overall session felt like a polish on things.  I did get tired legs at one stage but that soon subsided and my head felt more loosened.
Once we were finished we went through a few more things and I told Lady L I'd be back for sure.

My Bio Energy journey was amazing I know to read what it is must sound unusual and if you were to type it into you tube now you may even laugh at what you'd see.  The proof though is there. My migraines have decreased, me myself well I'm coming back to me, now here's a strange one before I started this journey I was addicted to Diet Coke, I now don't drink it I don't like the taste of it, I drink two litres of water a day.  My body feels lighter when I walk I feel I can hold my head up and when I wake up I feel Mammy tired not oh no please I'm just not able.  Lady L carries out her therapy amazingly she makes you feel at ease and peace. 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

It YES for us

It seems like a no brainer, but after watching the Late Late Show debate on May 1st covering the Marriage Referendum that we will vote on, on the 22nd of May 2015, it really got me thinking because honestly up until then I hadn't really thought about what I was voting for.

I knew I was voting YES but why?

I know now for me and like many other parents out there all they want for their children is for them to be happy and healthy.  It has always puzzled me why when someone is Gay they must "come out".   I had my first serious boyfriend at seventeen and it just was no announcement necessary.  So why then if you fancy a person of the same sex do you have to agonize over how, who and when you are going to tell your friends and family?

Little red head at the moment wants to be Fireman or Garda when he "grows big like Daddy" and well Mini miss shes at the princess phase.

As I drove in the car and listen to Little red head tell me what he wants to be when he grows up it struck me as I passed one of the nasty No posters, that this referendum is so much bigger than just me going in and ticking the YES box.  
  We need the country to stand together and vote YES for the future so that my children can grow to be who ever and what ever they want and to marry who ever they want.  The argument that was, (on the Late Late Show) and is being put forward by the No side is ridiculous it doesn't take a Mother and a Father to bring up a child it takes LOVE and that love can just as easily come from two Daddies or two Mammies everyone deserves a chance.
  I'm already dreading the teenage years in my house the slamming doors, the 'I know best' and 'I know it all',  sure didn't I live them myself, I definitely got an A+ in my teenage years for being a know it all, many a hinged door I strained.  But one thing I didn't have to do was sit in my room wondering how I was going to "come out" to my parents and friends.  I can't begin to imagine what this must feel like for some kids no matter how open a household you grew up in, because I know the society I've grown up in told me Gay was strange and you "became it".  Thankfully my parents though educated me to a wider world, we are all individuals and born the way we are! 
  I feel a YES vote would mean that our children and the coming generations would grow up in a country where Gay and Straight were the same and "coming out" would be no more.  This YES vote has so much meaning to it. . . 

I'm voting YES so my children get the chance;
  • to grow up in a country free from judgement 
  • they will get to love who they want
  • build the families they choose to build 
  • to love without fear 
And finally I'm voting YES for all those out there currently who truly deserve to have what I have with my husband because there's nothing to say we can do it any better than "they" can!  

Pretty Hair Part II

So I was let loose in H&M a week ago and I picked a "few" hair bits for Mini miss



I love the black bow slides, not any easy colour to find and they are also not too big for Mini miss's little head,  Then on the flip side I got the fabulous big pink bow.

I then headed to Pennys sure what would a shopping trip be without a sneak peak into pennys ??!!

I just love the mini nail varnishes cant wait for Mini miss to see them she loves getting her nails done, just like Mammy. 

Here is a few of Mini miss's hair styles from the past month, which one is your favourite?


Monday, 4 May 2015


The Ingredients

4oz  butter
7oz  rolled oats (porridge) 
2oz  plain flour
2 tbsp  honey
3oz  sugar

Pre-heated oven 180c/350f/gas mark 4
9 inch square tin or oven proof dish
20-25 minutes in oven till golden brown 

How to make the flapjacks Mammy style 

Put all wet ingredients into a saucepan heat over a low heat on hob, stir till all melted, will look like runny caramel.

While wet ingredients are on hob stir dry ingredients together, once wet ingredients are ready pour into dry ingredients and mix well till all is coated.

Turn mixture out into tin making sure its pressed firmly into all the corners then pop into oven and bake for 20-25 minutes, till golden brown.

When you take them out of the oven leave the flapjack to sit for five minutes then cut into, roughly 12 portions depending how big you want the flapjacks.  Leave to cool for a further half hour the flapjacks should then pop out of tin easily,  Don't leave to cool fully as they are near impossible to cut.

Then pop on the kettle and enjoy a cuppa and a flapjack!