Thursday, 18 June 2015

A letter . . .

To my fellow Irish Girl Guides, (IGG)

"giving girls confidence",  no truer words could be said for me, this time last year I headed up to a Ladybird meeting to become a leader.  I was so apprehensive, scared, nervous to name a few emotions, but an old friend and fellow girl guide and ranger had convinced me to come back into IGG, the amazing Ms Siobhan.    A year on and I am so happy to be back in the swing of IGG taking up my post as "rainbow" and at the at the moment camp helper.

I have had post natal depression since the birth of my little girl over two years now and this time last year leaving the house was a mammoth task for me, I would find any excuse not to go places be it with my family or friends.  When I did go up town I'd hide behind the buggy do what I had to do and I'd never go up alone, I would always make sure I had someone with me.  Once my husband was at home I would go upstairs alot and just lie in the bed. If I wasn't doing that I would probably be arguing with myself or my husband over nothing, as most days I would cry for no reasons while still trying to be a mammy to two little ones and do all the Mammy things I should be doing.  Most days I'd hold it together till my husband would come home then I would just crash, I would hit my wall, some times literally!  I am still being treated for Post Natal Depression and my story has so much more to it than this I am just giving you a snippet here.  In time I'll write my full story but for now I still find it difficult.

But thanks to IGG and true friends like Siobhan, Stephanie (for giving me the nudge to go for it)  and all my IGG ladies a year on I now go to a Ladybird meeting every week which I plan and carry out together with my fellow leaders.  My ladybirds make me smile every week they are so polite and funny, when we make buns or cookies one Ladybird says to me "I'll give you the tea but not the bun", love it.  At the beginning of the year I took part in the Free Being Me training and then for six weeks I went to the local Guiding Branch to bring the girls through the course.  I was made feel so welcome by the girls and leaders, some of whom where my leaders back in the days!  I now no longer fear leaving the house I even walked the St Patrick's Parade, secretly I was bricking it but with the IGG gang all around I was fine.

Many people think IGG is all about badges and flags and learning off stuff it's not!  I've gone through the ranks from Brownies all the way to Rangers, (now Senior Branch) and now I'm a leader and who knows what in the future.  The Irish Girl Guides both as a young girl and a women has made me and helped me to be the person I am today.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sure You'll Have More??!!

Nope I wouldn't!  Well never say never but I've a boy and a girl and as I always say "I can't get any other kind if I go again."
I would love to have loads of children but honestly pregnancy doesn't suit me and I'm so sick for the first trimester and well into the second trimester;  it's a myth that the sickness/nauseous feeling goes away after 12 weeks.  My second pregnancy I was sick till 18 weeks the third pregnancy, sick till 24 weeks.  With my third pregnancy I was on crutches for the last few weeks due to a nerve in my hip/back and I couldn't drive, I felt such a burden and useless to my two year old son who couldn't understand why I couldn't play with him.

I've being pregnant three times but have two living children which I am so grateful for but everyday I carried them I feared I'd lose them.  For whatever reason at the early stage of pregnancy I bleed sometimes this can be implantation bleeding but any type of bleeding at the early stage is taken seriously and in my case results in, internal scans.  These scans are so nerve wrecking, they search my vast womb for a baby the size of a grain of rice but it'll have it's little flicker of the beginnings of it's heart.  Amazing to see but at the same time I wait to here bad news like I heard with my first baby.

My first pregnancy sadly miscarried just before Christmas eve back in 2009.  After 11 internal scans a laparoscopy, a weeks stay in hospital and a lot of arguing between doctors my first baby wasn't meant to be.  Throughout my second and third pregnancies the memory of my first pregnancy stayed with me as I'm sure it would do again.  It's the fear every time I go to the toilet that there will be blood or them little twitches you get in your growing belly will get worse and result in, well . . .
Why is it that people feel they have to ask 'oh when's the next one; sure you'll go again; your only young you'll have more' and so on.  I am very open about miscarrying my first baby as it helped me to talk about it and I find when I say it to a person they will say 'me to' or they will know someone who has gone through the same or similar situation.

I felt the need to write this post as not a week goes by that I don't get asked 'are you having more; when's the next one, you have two sure a third would be no problem' and there is times I find myself thinking I'd love more children, but I want to be happy with the beautiful, loving, caring children I have and carried for nine months and baba number one will always live on in our memories.

Pregnancy isn't easy and to carry a child to term is a true miracle
 and takes a brave woman to take on the task

Places of Help if you find yourself in the unfortunate position that I and my husband did :
eumom - This site is amazing for information and forums where you can speak privately
Local GP

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Is it just a couple of holes?

Well that's my opinion, over the past week i've read many comments some negative, rude and even offensive, but I don't take any of it personally as it's good healthy debate and frankly alot of what I have read has made me laugh.

It has being proposed that there be a minimum age limit set for the ear piercing of children and a *petition set up by 38 Degrees has nearly 30, 000 signatures.  This is a UK based proposal but no doubt Ireland will follow suit, sure goodness we cant have weeee children be "abused" like this.

Speaking as one of these supposedly abused babies,  I was the first born little girl to my parents and the first grandchild to the family. The excitement of buying the pink pretty dresses and everything else girly, but alas I had no hair and always got mistaken for a boy.  So my Mam in her wisdom/sleep deprived haze, when I was 6 months old got my little ears pierced, sure I was only gorgeous.   Dressed in pink, sitting in my buggy with my pink and white check blanket the folk still looked in and said "ahh he's lovely whats his name", but it didn't matter I had cute pretty pierced ears.  32 years on I still have my pierced ears I cant remember getting them done and they've never caused me any bother.  My Mam said I had no infections and the day I got them done there was no major crying, the gun pierced my ear I was given my bottle straight away I knew no different.

Now correct me if I'm wrong because I've read some of the comments on Facebook threads but crying and infection seem to be a big part of ear piercing and when I was a young teen I did get two more holes in my ears and can damn well remember them being done.  I don't think this is coincidence either, a baby barely knows where its hands are let alone its ears, therefore if you pierce their ears young they are less likely to be touching the piercing hence infecting it.

Calling the ear piercing of babies "abuse" is crazy. A parent should be left to decide for themselves be it for vanity reasons, cultural reasons, whatever the reason.  This call to action was set about as a scare factor due to the society we live in today, (and believe me and I've rewritten this paragraph quiet a few times as I'm trying my best not to offend)!

What do you think? are you screaming at your screen totally disagreeing with me? Should an age limit be set? Is it abuse?

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Teacher, Teacher, look what I got you . . .

Teacher, teacher? Look what I got for you. . .

 I was having a nose around Pinterest for gift ideas for Little red heads pre-school teachers and I came across this idea.  So here's my take on it.

1  Head to Pennys, (go on sure any excuse).
2  Pick up a cup with a lid the one I got is a mug style one with a straw for only €3.
3  Choose a theme for the filler items of your cup, I went with nails.  You could also to make up, skin care, jewelry etc.
4  Head home from Pennys, (avoid unnecessary buying lol).
5 Add tag which I have described how to make below.
6  Fill cup with chosen items
7  TaDa lovely gift for only €8

Making the Tags

1  Head to Pinterest 
2  Type in 'free printable thank you teacher tags
3  Search through the many post and find the tag you like
4  Print it off
5  Cut it out
6  Use a hole punch to put one hole in the middle of the tag
7  Insert ribbon through hole
8  Tie around gift and run scissors over ribbon to curl 

Sometimes you may have a few teachers to buy for, for example there is four in Little Red Head's Pre-school.

I thought these mugs from Pennys were fab and there is a huge selection of designs to chose from.  They cost €2 each so you honestly cant go wrong.

To "dickie" them up I just wrapped them in clear cellophane wrap which you'll pick up in the likes of Easons or a shop like Dealz.  Florist shops will sell it to you but it can be expensive.

Add the tag from above and I think you've got a pretty nice pressie.
As an added extra you could add a few sweets to the cups.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Hand Me the Tissues

My baby is starting big school and shit just got real!

When this text messaged pinged into my phone, I wouldn't lie my heart leaped and then I didn't know if to cry, laugh or put my head between my legs.

Then I went up town the next day and I promise this isn't some file picture I've taken from the internet.  I walked into a local shop to be greeted with this row of school bags, pencil cases, lunch boxes etc, sure the poor kids aren't even on summer holidays.

Anyway I contemplated finding a corner and proceed to rocking but I thought best not I might get thrown out and I had Mini miss with me,  so I pulled up my big girl pants and headed to the aisle that sold the packets of tissues.  

It would seem that Little Red head is way more prepared than his Mammy for heading to big school, on Sunday evening while we sat having our family dinner chatting away about the usual important things spiderman, why peas have to be eaten, why dolly cant sit on Mammy's dinner.  Little red head asked the question "I go school in September",  as I pushed down the lump in my throat that defiantly wasn't food,  I answer "Yes your going to big school, with your friends and you'll be getting a new school bag, lunch box and a pencil case"  Little red head ohs and ahs and asks a few questions about how some of friends will get to school to.  And as I continue to chat about school thinking I'm doing a great job at explaining what's what, Little red head just goes "hum ok, I going to toilet now".

Clearly my Little man is taken things in his stride as he does with life, so I'm going do the same thing and not sweat the small stuff,  but I think I might still need a few tissues tucked up my sleeve.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Glitter play dough

This was a fun rainy day activity to do with Little red head and Mini miss it's very easy takes only  5 mins to mix up and you will have nearly all the ingredients in your cupboard
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 1/2 cup of salt
  • 2 tbs of cream of tartar
  • 1 tbs of oil
  • Food colouring 
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 1/2 teaspoon of Lavender Oil
Mix all dry ingredients together, then in a separate bowl add the water, food colouring, oil and essential oil.  Mix the water mixture into dry mixture, I did have to add a little more water to the mix to bind it all but overall it was fine. Once it was mixed I divided it up among my two and off they went playing. 
A good hint from the page I got this recipe was to blast the play dough in the microwave next tome your using for 15secs and kneed it.
Store your play dough in an air-tight bag. is where I got the recipe from via Pinterest you will also find them on Facebook they have amazing stuff PagingFunMums Facebook page