A Month of First's

It was a big month in our house in September and truly an emotional roller coaster

First day of school; you bounced of looking so happy and excited
First schoolbag; there was many to choose from, but you went for a superhero, light up bag with your name stitched on the strap
First scratched knee; I wasn't there to wipe your tears, but you said you were ok and you had fun playing with your buddy
First phone call; oh I cringed after this one, when your teacher rang me
First play date; after school your buddy came in the car with you and the two of you played, laughed and scattered toys 
First time tidying your room; this was a result of your buddy coming to your house, you took such pride in tidying your bedroom
First drop off and pick up; watching you run out with your big bag on your back and the happiness in your face, ready to tell me all your news
First school birthday party ; I've a feeling I may as well move into the soft play centre, with many more parties to come
First branding; the night I ironed on your little name tags to your clothes, I had to take a moment
First homework; I was surprised by your enthusiasm to do a great job, let’s hope it continues for many years 
First school lunch; you get your little jam sandwich every day but you eagerly await your special treat of chocolate sandwich on a Friday

My baby boy you’re getting so grown up, I look forward to many many more first in your life.  I will always be here for you through the ups, downs and first x x x


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