Dressing to Impress

Dressing my little girl is for sure one of my fav things and with out a doubt I could go mad and spent this week and next weeks grocery money on outfits for her but alas we must eat.

Christmas is always a time where we like to dress to impress and Mini miss didn't disappoint and a plus; Mammy's purse is still got a few coppers in it!

I guess I'm putting this post together just to say here's some places you might not think of looking for outfits for you little cherubs

I bought this skirt, top and tights reduced to €7 from Pennys last year.  The pink denim jacket is from Next and was passed onto me from a  friend

   * Tip:  think ahead, buy a size bigger
   * Tip:  exchanging baby clothes is an excellent idea

# Bargain alert €3 in a charity shop amazing condition, I'd safely say it was worn once.  And nope i didn't spend more on the shoes than the dress Mini miss is wearing her brothers Converse.    
   * Tip:  shop in charity shops
   * Tip:  If you have an older child keep stuff they don't wear out

This is the second year Mini miss has got to wear this fabulous coat.  I picked it up on a Facebook selling page, its from Next and including postage I paid €10.  
Mini miss will get Christmas 2016 out of it to.  Her hat is from Heatons got last year on sale for €2

*  Tip: Join Facebook selling/buying pages, there is local and national ones


Both the jumper and T-shirt that Mini miss is wearing belonged to her brother.  I've kept alot of Little red head clothes for Mini miss even jeans.  The shorts Mini miss is wearing were reduced to €3 Pennys,  the red pumps reduced €3 from Dunnes and runners from Pennys reduced to €5.

   * Tip:  Shop for bargains
   * Tip:  Dunnes always reduce their pumps throughout the year, (I got pink ones for €1)
   * Tip:  Recycle clothes from your older children no matter the gender


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