Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pillows or Bullets?

I never thought at the age of 33 I would be standing in a chemist totally baffled not knowing what size, soakage, brand etc to buy . . . 
Having previously spoken to a close friend, because believe me this isn't a conversation you can have with just anyone, 'what ones do use, I'm not sure what size I need, I've No idea how to use them?'  I felt confident enough to brave buying a packed and more importantly the right packet. Mini miss looked at me puzzled from the buggy and for a nano second I thought I'd let her choose sure in ten odd years it would be her turn, she may as well be informed.  Nah OK to soon, to soon.  Back to the task in hand I grabbed two boxes non applicator and applicator and maximum soakage, I was taking no changes.  I headed to the till like a pro and placed the items on the counter as if I purchased these every month.
Once I was home the offending items; because believe me the reason I've never attempted to use these things is they scare the bejesus out of me.  I threw them upstairs to be tackled later, much later but not to much later as Auntie Flow was here to say Hi, Oh Goodie!
It's in, no its not in, ah yes it is, it is OK OK, right success I'm going to try and walk now, OK I can feel it, yes I can feel, this is kinda weird I'm not liking this.  For goodness sack women you pushed two babies out this surely should be a breeze 
Clearly not, after an hour I was back to my comfy pillows ahhhh!! Day two; right you little thing your not getting the better of me I'm getting swimming if it's the last things I do.  Oh yes this "experiment" was all so I could go swimming.  After I few messages to previously mentioned friend where we discussed width and insertion methods.  I headed back to the chemist yet again I stood in the same aisle as the day before for a good fifteen minuets weighing up the different products, finally settling on the ones I felt better suited my needs. 
No time for road test; it's in, yup in, feels good still not great but manageable just clinch all will be OK, half way through swim consensuses between myself and friend after quick discussion, I'm not inserting far enough, OK good to know, I'm learning it'll all work out out, goodness the pillows are dame easier to use, but no use for swimming!
Got to say I just love being a women but glad I can laugh about it to  . . .

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ikea Haul

I say Haul it was a mini haul as who new when you can enter Ikea with a mission a list and the major need for a rest before a late night crafting session, (don't ask).  Fast forward an hour a full basket and Im a happy bunny who cant wait to organise her cupboards.

I can't tell you how happy these pictures make me.  Yup I know I lead a sad life but organised tidy cupboards keep me smiling.

These cloth boxes came in three different sizes and it like a game of tetris putting them into the cupboard.

The range you can see in the picture cost €7 for six boxes ranging in size but there is a huge range of different boxes to suit and organising task.

These jars were my other fav purchase of the day, from what I could see they come in four different sizes, tiny up to the big spaghetti jar.  At a starting price of €1 you can have you kitchen cupboards looking tidy and your food fresh for a bargain price.  I started with 5 jars but I'm itching to get back to Ikea to buy more and going to kit out my fridge with them also.  When the food is in them it just looks so neat and clean.

I've being to Ikea now a few times and every time I learn something new here's my five top tips:

  • Plan ahead, go onto the site there is great function where you can make your shopping list
  • Measure your spaces that you are looking to fill
  • Have a budget, and STICK to it
  • Try to go without the children, but if you do have to bring them there is a creche facility
  • Try the food its, nice, cheap and believe me you'll spend hours in the place you'll have worked up an appetite 

Happy shopping

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Pretty Hair V

Ok so if you've read my blog you'll know how his post works at this stage.  I go out shopping; any excuse and I pick up hair accessories for Mini miss.  I love doing these features and Mini miss loves the bag of goodies she gets for her hair.

So this time round here's what we have:
1  Clips from H&M butterfly and stars.  The butterfly ones are lovely and soft the star one your little one would need a decent amount of hair to hold this clip in.

2  This matching slides and bobbins x 2, where bought for valentines, I'm impressed with strength of the bobbins.

3  I can't wait to use the bunny slides for Easter which are from Pennys and the lovely clips and hairband are from my local Wispy's, (discount store).

4  I've yet to use any of these, I'm interested to see what the spring like ones from Penny's are going to be like.  I'll keep you posted.

5  These hairband are lovely and soft and while I do need to hold them in place with hair slides they stay in Mini miss hair all day.

6  I picked up this Tiara in Tiger for €1.50, #bargain

7  And of course some bows, from Pennys, keep an eye out for these packs they always get reduced to €0.50 total #bargain

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