10 Most Over Used Words by my Kids

Below is the most over used phrases my kids use and my responses . . .  

1   I'm bored - this of course if the one I'm most used to, because of course my children have no toys, get brought nowhere and do nothing! 
2   He/she's doing . . . The endless telling tales on each other
 It's not fair - nope it's not fair I wouldn't let you eat a bar of chocolate 5 mins before dinner
4   That's mine - nope it probably isn't if your shouting it at the top of your lungs it's probably mine 
5   I don't want to - well tough tities you have to 
6   Do I have to - yet again yes, because believe me if you didn't I wouldn't put myself through this 
7   Can I have - No no no . . . 
8   Can I have a drink? - yup between the time of 7.30 am and 9 pm any time after that the only place serving drink is the pub and your to young for there
9   But Johnny down the road is allowed - well go live with Johnny I'll pack your bag
10   ahhhhhhh wahhhhhh ehhhhhhh - I'm going to my happy place when the tantrum is over hand me a glass of wine


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