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Christmas albums DIY style

I'm an nut when it comes to photos and I do develop them all and although it may take me a month or three, to develop them they all go into albums and up on my wall.  My last order to photobox was over 1000 photos oh yes you read correctly.  
  The only pictures that are still sitting in a box are the Christmas ones starting from when my son was born, five Christmases ago!!! I have searched for photo albums with a Christmas theme and I didn't want a scrapbook idea of the photos or one of the million babies first 1st Christmas ones I came across.  Now before you go tap tap tapping to prove you can find a Christmas albulm they are out there on amazon or ebay but my goodness the cost of them is crazy. 
  So purse staying firmly closed I got my DIY cap on and I bought a plain photo album with  a plastic cover for 4.99 which holds 200 4x6 photos.  I then got some nice Christmas and I wrapped the album popped the plastic cover back on it and it looks great I'm delighted with it.  I'm off to wispy's to buy more and get my Christmas photos all sorted . I'm so excited, seriously I'm such a crazy lady it's the strange things that excite me.

Quick Pressie Idea - for under €5

I love this idea buy a fame I funky one be it coloured, vintage, designed etc then a roll of decorative wrapping paper such as charter paper.  Cut the wrapping paper to size of frame pop it into frame.

Hey presto you've got a fab handmade gift that cost very little and a roll of wrapping paper left over for wrapping the gift.

I also used this idea for my sons bedroom to add picture of characters he liked. A roll of charted wrapping paper in the likes of Penny's is €1.50 - €3 and you'll have loads of paper left over to wrap the gift for the many parties they go to. 

Up cycling kitchen chairs

Loving my new, well revamped kitchen chairs.  I've being threatening to turn my hand to up-cycling for a while now so my first victims where four old old chairs that many a bum bum has sat on.   I personally think they turned out pretty good, with a little time patince and help from my one and three year old, four fabulous red kitchen chairs for bum bums to enjoy for many more year.

It really wasn't that difficult, I bought my paint with the help of a very nice man in Woodies in Sligo, who made sure I was buying the correct paint for the job in hand. First of all I lightly sanded the chairs well ok my hubby and son sanded the chairs. I then did two coats of the red colour and a third touch up coat with each coat having a deign time of roughly two hours.  It does take longer but this project was done back in the good weather in August.  So I speeded up the process and got a bit of colour on my checks! I did the same amount of coats with the cream colour on the centre panel.

For the finishing touch a added the cushion as you can see in the picture I went with red colour, I can tell you now I tried every cushion in Ballina town, ones with cows and hens, spotted cushions, stripped cushions, cream cushions the list was endless the amount of returns I done was countless but in the end the red on suited the best, but I must admit I'm still keeping my eyes open!

This was a really fun project and I'm definitely going to dabble in up-cycling again . . .

Before you throw out all those Yankee candles you've burned over the Christmas, take a look at this brilliant hack I came across, so so simple and quick.

Simply collect up all the "empty"  Yankee candle jars pop them in a saucepan of water that is beginning to boil the wax that remains in the jar will melt.  

Using an oven glove pour the melted wax into bun cases and leave to set.

Ta Da you've got your Yankee tarts created and no waste

Don't you just love it?

Out of these 5 large jars and one tiny jar I got all these Tarts 17 in total, keeping in mind I used Muffin cases which are deeper than bun/cup cake cases.

Jazzing up the Converse

When I got married Little red head was one and half,  I bought him the cutest little three piece suit, a check red and white shirt and to make the look even more uber cool I spend €45 on a pair of red high top converse.

Now Mini miss wasn’t even heard of when we got married but today we still have the red high top converse and I’m delighted to get more wear out of them.  I felt though that I should get my crafting fingers out and upcylce them a little.  So I changed the laces with lace . . .

What do you thing?  I’m loving them, Mini miss I can’t say is as sold on them, because they aren’t pink, but it's still lovely that Mini miss is getting to wear the shoes her big bro wore to my wedding.

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