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How to tell the time

Tick toc, tick toc . . . I know the kids learn to tell the time in school but i think it's helpful to encourage the leaning at home.  I seen a version of this in my friends house (she's a teacher so it must be good). All you need is  A3 sheet of paper markers different colours Draw a circle Write the normal numbers on a clock 1 - 12 Half the page  on the right put past and on the left put to Inside the circle wirte 5, 10, 1/4, 20, 25, 1/2, on the right and the same on the left  I found it a good idea to highlight the inside numbers so I've them all the one colour (red) and the normal clock numbers i left muted. Ultimately your ready to go Little Red Head has a watch he got for his birthday so with the aid of the watch he's able to read the clock you could adapt it with hands if needed  Finished product * Putting it to work *

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